Saturday, January 1, 2011

Manga Challenge 2011 Reviews

Hi, please post links to your reviews below. Leave a comment or email me if you do not have a blog.

Manga Challenge 2011 Sign Ups

Hi all, I hope everyone had fun with the challenge in 2010. The Manga Challenge will be running again in 2011 and the sign ups are below. Let me know if you don't have a blog.

Challenge rules are simple. Sign up anytime throughout 2011, read a minimum of 6 manga and link to your reviews (see separate post). If you manage to watch any anime and post it on your blog please feel free to link to it in the review links as well as the two are very closely linked. Final rule is have fun!

New Buttons for the Manga Challenge 2011

Kindly made by Nymeth and her boyfriend once again, we have new buttons for 2011. Feel free to use these on your blog.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Manga Challenge Reviews

Please post your reviews here throughout 2010. Remember you can sign up at any time! Any anime you watch and review, you can also link to your reviews here.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Manga Challenge 2010 Sign Ups

Please use Mister Linky below to sign up for this year's Manga Challenge. If you do not have a blog please feel free to email me to sign up (my email is on my profile). This year you can either pot direct links or write your review directly on the blog. I will make sure everyone who signs up has access to the blog.

Manga Challenge 2010 - About

The Manga Challenge will be running again in 2010 but this time from it's own dedicated blog. You can join throughout the year (there is no cut off time to sign up) and it ends on 31st December 2010. The goal is to read a minimum of 6 mangas. There will be the odd prize throughout the year and bonus points if you manage to watch at least one anime film or 3 episodes of a series.

Buttons are below to put on your blog kindly designed by Nymeth's boyfriend (thanks again, I love them!).